Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's New

We did our taxes ya!!??!! This year before we can do anything we have to put in a front yard. So, that is what South Jordan said. So if you love to get in the dirt come on over, cause that's where we will be. We want to try to get out more and do a lot of camping. I started a new job, I know you guys are tired of hearing that. My old boss was an ass. He didn't pay me my last check. I like my new job. Tabitha went back to work at Jet Blue, so know Dwayne and I can fly. My mom is her babysitter, ya she's back. Amanda is very busy with softball and school. No boyfriend, maybe because I won't let her date yet. Ryan has facial hair looks sooo old. Lincoln is sooo wonderful he says the cutest things I can't believe how much fun he is. I will try to post photos of the yard before and after, but always remember you can be in the photos so come and help. I will feed you and give you plenty of water. Can't wait to see all of you hard at work to make my yard the most beautiful yard in our neighborhood. Love you all !!!!!

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Dale and Tabitha said...

I can maybe help this weekend...if you feed me.....ok you always feed me. Love you.